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Hi! I'm Kade :) , just a crazy fangirl from Thailand. I post my art sketch ,doodle ,color work
and reblog many fandom I obsessed with O>--< sorry for my poor english)

    forthedancingandreaming asked: I love your art! More than anything the "Dreamworks University" tag. I have a question, how Hiccup and Astrid know? c:


    They are neighbor. Hiccup love her but she’s never know

    Astrid has a Macaw named Stormfly ,and Stormfly was bitten by stray cat ,this is the reason why she don’t like cat. So Hiccup have to hide Toothless from both Astrid and his dad

    I have many idea about Hiccstrid in Dreamworks University but my English is too bad to tell the all story… ,so I will tell by the art later ! :)

    Thank you ,I’m so glad you love this series ^__^

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    Anonymous asked: What kind of students do you think Anna,Elsa,Merida and Rapunzel would be? Also are you planning on drawing a student Rapunzel with short hair? Thank you!


    Anna - Communication and Performing Arts

    Elsa - Political Science

    Merida - Sport Science (and she’s captain of Archery Club)

    Rapunzel - Painting


    aww I never think about Rapunzel with short hair before ,this is interesting idea !! Thank you XD <33

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    Exchange Student from Pixar and Disney University XD

    more post in tagged Dreamworks University

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    HTTYDxROTG AU - Dreamworks University

    If Hiccup and Jack are an ordinary students and they were a roommate XD

    Hiccup has a cat ,he rescue this stray cat from the car accident that made this cat lost a tail ,and name him “Toothless” because he has only one teeth. 

    Hiccup conceal about his pet from father because his dad hate cat .

    He had a simple student life until he met Jack Frost ,a new hot student who become his roommate ,and change his boring life to chaos life but more funny ;D

    Oh and Jack has a pet too !

    I want draw a DU comic if I have time XD

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